Fancy As Fuck

by The Cotton Ponies

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released September 13, 2014



all rights reserved


The Cotton Ponies Utah

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Track Name: I Wanna Fight
Do something that I don't like.
Call me names like slut and dyke.
Best stop yelling in my face.
You best get off of my case.
Best get leaving moving swift.
'Cuz I'm not gonna stand for this.

I wanna fight. Uh huh
To prove I'm right. Uh huh
I wanna fight. Yeah
I wanna fight. Yeah

Doesn't matter if I lose
I got some stuff I want to use
You don't need to ask me why,
Why I like these fists to fly.
Throw a punch every now and then.
I won't leave from where I'm standing

Tell me I'm wrong and never right.
I'll show you my bark and bite.
Take a swing a shoot and miss.
Talk is strong with a fist.
Now I ain't tough and I ain't strong.
But, you can't hold me down for long

Missing teeth and broken skin
I can feel my eye bruisin'
Won't back down when you stand tall
I'll get back up when I fall
Lost the battle but won the war
Cuz you won't be bothering me no more.
Track Name: Jackass
Show interest while I drink
With lust there's no room to think.
I'll try to make my moves
Hope you don't mind my hands on you

You better dump me fast
Before I make that pass
Baby I'm a jackass
Why am I such a jackass

Come over and I want more
Scoot closer I'll close the door
Turn me down I don't know how
You want respect I want it now

I know I'm in the wrong
As wrong as lonely nights are long
Can't keep my eyes off you
Sorry for the things I do
Track Name: Smash
Get out of here
Got no place to go.
Ask me
Answer's always no.
Fucked up again.
It's all my fault.
I lost my chance,
And I had none at all.

I hate my life
That's why I

Lost my job
And I don't care.
Hanging in the air.
Shotgun blast,
Noose overhead.
I'd kill myself
If I could get out of bed.
Track Name: The Garbage Man
Hey, hey, I'm the garbage man,
I've come to take your trash away.
Speaking of your girlfriend,
Are you two doing okay?
Just because she's the first,
Doesn't mean she's the best.
Gotta dump that crazy bitch,
And lay this mess to rest.

Hey, hey, you gotta listen to me.
You two weren't meant for me.
Hey, hey, if you listen to me
I can set you free.

Hey, hey, it's the garbage man,
About last weeks trash.
Gotta get yourself checked out,
Cuz it gave me a rash.
I'm not one for gender roles,
But, man you gotta be a man.
Gotta get rid of that girl,
And get out while you can.

Hey, hey, I'm the garbage man,
I'll get rid of your trash for free.
I know a nice spot in the woods,
C'mon you can trust me.
Yoko wasn't this bad for John,
Neither was Nancy for Sid.
Gotta get out while you can,
Before she traps you with a kid.
Track Name: Math Geek
Oh it's so effin' hot.
I want to look at that a lot.
Nice muscles and glistening skin.
Oh, man I just want to get in.

Looking at naked men every now and then.
Looking at naked guys it's a pleasure for my eyes.
Oh it just feels so right.
I wanna do this all night.

I just want to do this all day.
These habits are here to stay.
I got the lube up on the counter.
This is gonna be a fun hour.

This feeling is so great.
How could I ever hate?
Oh my god, I just want more.
To bad I'm just too poor.

Rocky Horror and Fabio
Making me go oh oh oh
George Clooney and Brad Pitt
They're so hot I can't quit.
Ewen and David Bowie
They got me oh so horny.
Gyllenhall and Kurt Cobain.
All these boys drive me insane.
Track Name: Forever Ends
Another argument I already know I'll lose
I'm just something else for you to abuse.
You do your best to manipulate me.
How do you make it look so easy?

I never wanted to go I've always wanted to stay.
Do you realize you're driving me away?
Never though I could be leaving you.
But, now I don't know what else I can do.

Am I just a waste of your time?
Because right now you're wasting mine.
Forever ends November.

Never thought I could, but gotta while I can.
It won't matter to you I'm just your back up plan.
I fell in love head over heels.
I learned my lesson love kills .