First Ever Shitty Demo

by The Cotton Ponies

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Our first demo recorded live in Tyler's living room. Ohhh yaa


released February 10, 2012


tags: punk rock Utah


all rights reserved


The Cotton Ponies Utah

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Track Name: Tyler Likes to go to the Lake
Staying late after school
Man this chick she's really cool.
I hope she walks my way.
Man, she really makes my day.

I wanna be the teacher's pet.
Getting all that I can get.
Man, she really makes me sweat.
I wanna be the teacher's pet.

Run into her in the hall
Man, she's really got it all.
Watch her from the back of the room.
Call her over so I can breathe in her perfume.

Seeing her is such a treat
Man she makes my heart beat.
She really drives me insane.
Teaching me things to fill up my brain.
Track Name: Livin' Free
I wanna piss my daddy off,
I wanna piss my mommy off.
I dont need to be acting tough,
Cuz Im already pissing my parents off.

I'll sleep with boys,
I'll sleep with girls,
Anything that messes with my parents world

I'll cut class
And I'll skip school
Anything to break all the rules.

I'll drink and smoke,
And I'll do dope
But only when my parents tell me nope.

I'll listen to
Whatever I want,
The Sex Pistols, and any punk rock
Track Name: The Happy Clown
Today I went to lunch with my mom,
Didn't have a lot of cash so we went to McDonald's.
Saw him sitting over by the play place.
And fell in love with is painted face.
I could tell by the look she had in her eyes,
She knew what they said about guys with that shoe size.

Ronald McDonald fucked my mom
Now I get free fries whenever I want.
Ronald McDonald fucked my mom.
I hear he likes her palm.
Ronald McDonald fucked my mom.
But, he'll never be my pop.

After lunch she brought him home,
So they could make a Happy Meal of their own.
All night long they were in the sack.
It made me throw up by Big Mac.
After hearing them go at it all night,
I think I've lost my appetite.

Done with all of Ronald's lies,
I want me some Chicken Fries.
Went to Burger King, he was so mad.
Broke up with my mom, she was so sad.
'Til she looked up and saw a king,
Who she started fucking.

Ronald McDonald used to fuck my mom
Now I don't get free fries whenever I want.
Ronald McDonald used to fuck my mom.
Now he doesn't like anyone's palm. Yay!
Ronald McDonald used to fuck my mom
Now he'll never be my pop.

Cuz now my mom is fucking
The Burger King king!
I'm not quite sure,
But, I think that makes me royalty.
Cuz now my mom is fucking
The Burger King king!
Track Name: Angry Sex
Angry sex is what girls have when they're mad at their dad
Angry sex is what girls have when you've treated them bad.
Angry sex is what girls have when they're pissed at their lads .
Angry sex is what girls have when you've made them mad.

I'm so pissed at you
Angry sex angry sex will have to do.
Track Name: Math Geek
Oh it's so effin hot.
I wanna look at that a lot.
Nice muscles and glistening skin.
Oh man, I just want to get in.

Looking at naked men
Every now and then.
Looking at naked guys
It's a pleasure for my eyes
Oh it just feels so right,
I wanna do it all night.

I just want to do this all day
Oh these habits are here to stay.
I got the lube up on the counter
This is gonna be a fun hour.

This feeling is so great
How could I ever hate?
Oh my God I just want more.
Too bad I'm just too poor.

Rocky Horror and Fabio
Making me go oh oh oh
George Clooney and Brad Pitt
They're so hot I can't quit.
Ewen and David Bowie
They got me oh so horny
Gyllenhall and Kurt Cobain
All these boys drive me insane!
Track Name: Roofies
On your bathroom trip
I did more then just leave a tip
Slipped it into your drink
Takes away your ability to think.

Date rape
I just hope that you don't
Wake up
It won't matter once you've been fucked.

Stumbling to a taxi
You pass out in the backseat.
You can bet I'll touch you there
As long as driver doesn't care

I won't take you home
My house is where we'll be alone
Front door's open carry you inside
I got something I want to hide.

When you start to stir
That's when I get out of here.
You wake up in a dark place.
I hope you don't recognize my face.