by The Cotton Ponies

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Our three song spiffy ass demo. Tracks are available on the full E.P. Fancy as Fuck.


released November 26, 2013

Abby - Guitar/Lead Vocals
Tyler - Bass/Backup Vocals
Matt - Drums

Recorded by Tim at Whysound Studios



all rights reserved


The Cotton Ponies Utah

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Track Name: The Garbage Man
Hey, hey I'm the garbage man
I've come to take your trash away.
Speaking of your girlfriend,
Are you two doing okay?
Just because she's the first,
Doesn't mean she's the best.
Gotta dump that crazy bitch,
And lay this mess to rest.

Hey, hey, you gotta listen to me,
You two weren't meant to be.
Hey, hey, if you listen to me,
I can set you free.

Hey, hey, it's the garbage man,
About last week's trash.
Gotta get yourself checked out,
Cuz it gave me a rash.
I'm not one for gender roles,
But, man you gotta be a man.
Gotta get rid of that girl,
And get out while you can.

Hey, hey, it's the garbage man,
I'll get rid of your trash for free.
I know a nice spot in the woods,
C'mon you can trust me.
Yoko wasn't this bad for John,
Neither was Nancy for Sid.
Gotta get out while you can,
Before she traps you with a kid.
Track Name: Math Geek
Oh it's so 'effin hot.
I wanna look at that a lot.
Nice muscles and glistening skin.
Oh, man I just wanna get in.

Looking at naked men
Every now and then.
Looking at naked guys,
It's a pleasure for my eyes.
Oh it just feels so right.
I wanna do it all night.

I just want to do this all day.
Oh these habits are here to stay.
I got the lube, up on the counter.
This is gonna be a fun hour.

This feeling is so great.
How could I ever hate?
Oh my god. I just want more.
To bad I'm just too pour.

Rocky Horror and Fabio
Making me go oh-oh-oh.
George Clooney and Brad Pitt,
They're so hot, I can't quit.
Ewen and David Bowie
They got me oh so horny.
Gyllenhall and Kurt Cobain.
All these boys drive me insane!
Track Name: Forever Ends
Another argument I already know I'll lose.
I'm just something else for you to abuse.
You do your best to manipulate me.
How do you make it look so easy?

I never wanted to go, I've always wanted to stay.
Do you realize you're driving me away?
Never thought I could be leaving you.
But, now I don't know what else I could do.

Am I just a waste of your time?
Cuz right now you're wasting mine
Am I just a waste of your time?
Cuz right now you're wasting mine
Forever ends November
Forever ends November.